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Storming Normandy

June 6th, 1944

D-Day. Day of Days.

Everyone has heard of D-Day, June 6th. The day Allied troops landed on the sand covered beaches of Normandy and began their hard-won liberation of Europe. The Allies code named these vacation beaches Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword.  This was not  the first beach invasion, nor would it be the last during World War II by the United States armed forces. Half a world away, in the Pacific, the United States Navy landed thousands and thousands of Marines on islands many had never heard of before, and even now many do not know their names. 

Although war had been raging in Europe and Asia for several years, the United States was relatively untouched until December 7, 1941.  Although it was not called World War II at that time, it was.  The United States had been involved prior to this as the “Arsenal of Democracy,” and now, in order to defeat the Axis powers, the United States had to reach hostile sand covered shores all over the world.  
And that started with a landing craft, LCVP or Higgins boat, or a LVT or Amtrac.  These would land on the beach and deposit United States soldiers and Marines.  These were heroes who came ashore under unrelenting fire to invade heavily fortified and defended beaches.  Thousands never left.  This sand came from those beaches. 

My first plaque commemorates the Allied sacrifices on D-Day with this historical collectible plaque of the Final Overlord Plan which displays the actual sand from all the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy.

My second plaque commemorates the US Army’s sacrifice in the European Theater of Operation (ETO) with sand from all the invasion beaches from Morocco to Italy to France.

My third plaque commemorates the Final Landing Plan of Iwo Jima to honor the February 19, 1945 invasion of that island by the United States Marine Corps. This plaque has the actual sand* from all the invasion beaches and the top of Mt. Suribachi.

My fourth, and final plaque commemorates the United States Marine Corps sacrifices to end World War II in the Pacific, with sand from eight Pacific landing beaches on these contested fortresses and islands.

All my plaques are MADE IN THE USA from red alder wood grown in the Pacific Northwest in the United States. These exquisite, highly detailed laser-engraved plaques are the only collectibles of their kind in the world to include the actual sand from the World War II landing beaches of the United States Army and Marine invasions.

The Final Overlord Plan Plaque is available for only $99.99, plus shipping. My other plaques are available for only $119.99 each, plus shipping. However the Pacific Theater of Operation plaque has a personalization option for $139.99, if ordered.

Ordering two or more plaques in any combination will discount each plaque by $10.00.

These historic pieces of art are certainly going to become a centerpiece of your World War II collection, and an heirloom for your family. Don’t miss your chance to honor our heroes and own a piece of history!

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