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US Army European Theater of Operation Collector Plaque

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WWII US Army European Theater of Operation (ETO) Landings Commemorative Plaque

This is the ONLY collectible with sand from all the US Army European Theater of Operation (ETO) landing beaches including Torch, Husky, Avalanche, Shingle, Overlord and Dragoon.

This exquisitely  laser engraved plaque honors all the European Theater of Operation combat divisions with their unique shoulder patches.



Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of history today and honor our heroes.


  • Awesome! Great Gift! Was exactly as described. Would Buy it again in a heartbeat. My BF loved it!
  • Yes this is truly a unique piece with special meaning to me as my father was a combat infantryman 1st in n Africa then Sicily,Anzio Rome,southern France and finally Germany with the 45th infantry division 
  • Thank you for the plaques, they are an important part of my collection. I use these types of items to teach my grandchildren about sacrifice and the cost of freedom. My grandchildren were very interested in the Normandy beach plaque during our holiday get togethers and a great opportunity to review WW2 history. I am a veteran who is a WW2  history buff, So are many of my buddies.
  • I like your website. I ordered the plaque as a Christmas gift so I did an internet search for “WW2 European Theater memorabilia” because that is what my brother said he was interested in and it was the most relevant link that came up. 
  • They’re plaques are very nice.  I visited several of the landing sights about 10 years ago and regretted not saving some sand.  You’re website is very nice.  It’s simple and easy to navigate.
  • Thanks for the prompt and personalized service. That’s something we don’t get these days.I ordered it from today’s Warfare History Network Dispatch. It’s a birthday gift for my daughter Jaime, who turns 42 on 11/17. Her interest in WW II comes from my dad’s service with Patton ’44, ’45 and her mom’s dad in the Army Air Corps in Burma ’42-
  • I’ll be ordering the $100 plaque for my dad, my brother agrees its the absolute best so I’ll place my order this week. Might get him the other one for Christmas. So happy we saw you at Reading, perfect perfect fathers day present thank you for making them!
  • As a high school student, I traveled to Normandy with my class, and my father really loved that I brought him back some of the sand from the landing beaches.  While looking for other kinds of things that might incorporate  sand from the landings, I came across very little.  I found some cuff links, but who wears those anymore?  Then I found your plaques, which I was very impressed with.  As Father’s Day approaches, I was having a hard time finding something for my dad, who is  famously hard to buy things for (he gets what he wants for himself, and never volunteers any ideas for things he’d like).  Having seen the quality of these plaques (which arrived a day earlier than anticipated!), I know that he will love them and proudly incorporate  them into his wall of memorabilia.  Your site is very professional, and I appreciate the letters of authenticity that arrived with the plaques.  We revisited the beaches as a family a few years ago, and I know that these will serve as a reminder of his time  there, as well as a valued part of his historical collection. Thank you for your dedication to quality.

A portion of your purchase will be donated to a National WWII Foundation.

Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .75 in

7 reviews for US Army European Theater of Operation Collector Plaque

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  1. Robert

    Superb craftsmanship, very happy.

  2. Dennis P.

    This is my third plaque. The quality and service was beyond my expectations. I hope there will be more plaques in the future. This was just awesome!!!

  3. Guy H.

    I know I am holding a remarkable piece of history….thank you very much!!

  4. Robert Underberg

    As a WWII history buff I find your plaques most enjoyable

  5. Dustin Schappell

    I have been enjoying Joel’s plaques for years and just purchased 5 more as gifts! They are a unique piece of tangible history for those who can’t travel to these exotic locations to get there own sand and experience these sacred grounds. These battlefields of the past, soaked with patriot blood that have ensured our freedom and way of life are uniquely represented in these plaques and worth every penny!

  6. Jerry Baker

    Super detail and the plaque artwork is tremendous. Thanks for what you have done to remember all those who helped stop evil in our world.

  7. Robert D.

    Great product. Fine craftsmanship. Love the sand from these beaches included. Definitely a must for the history buff. Wonderful gift for someone who would appreciate this.

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